Company Profile

Suzhou Fluid Research Automation Ltd.

Suzhou Fluid Research Automation Ltd. (hereafter referred to as SFR) is founded in 2008, which is formerly known as Taiwan Hongyuan Science and Technology Company established in 2004. Winstar is a registered trademark of the company.

SFR is committed to provide low pressure molding (LPM) solutions and has over ten years’ experience of developing and applying LPM solutions. We have been cooperating with the German Henkel Company in promoting the LPM technology for a long time and have abundant experience in application technology and good pre-sales and after-sales services. We can provide differentiated technology solutions and professional services to our clients and partners. Winstar provides professional solutions to the assembling and manufacturing process of waterproof connectors, sensors, micro-switches, printed circuit boards (PCBA), wiring harnesses, polymer batteries and communication antennas. Winstar LPM solution is ideal in various fields, such as consumer electronics, medical care, industry, military, electrical appliances, energy, and vehicles, etc.

Winstar has always maintained the concept of providing advanced technology and professional services and being the trusted partner to our clients. We would assist our clients to enhance the ability of automation in producing process, and provide high quality and efficient solutions according to our clients’ demands. We are committed to the development of LPM automation machine market, and the design and manufacture of special machines. We are looking forward to provide our clients with more professional services in LPM equipment.

Core Competence

1、 Experience

Winstar is the leading manufacturer of special LPM technology and equipment. With its unique product forming strategy and innovative design ability and manufacturing experience of manufacturing system, Winstar Automation provides technical supports in all directions for our clients and different industries, such as computer communications, electronic motors, automobiles and motorcycles, medical and optical industries, etc. Our equipment and mould are highly precise and efficient, easy to maintain and cost-effective.


Over the past 10 years, Winstar has accumulated abundant experience and unique molding strategy in LPM and low pressure embedded coating, which could be applied to a wide range of products. The combination of molding machine can be made, according to the requirements of molding conditions, between the vertical and horizontal flexible combination. Moreover, according to our clients’ special requirements, we can provide integration plan and design for the required special machines and interface devices. The research and development capability has always been our advantages. We will continue to meet our clients’ demands and to improve our ability of innovative research and development. In order to assist our clients to produce low cost and high quality products, we strive to design all kinds of LPM equipment that are highly accurate, high-quality and easy to maintain.


It’s known that Winstar is strict in quality management. Our reputation relies on our consistently technology advancement and equipment improvement. The excellent quality has helped us win our clients’ trusts, a large amount of loyal clients around the world, as well as the good reputation in the LPM market.


Winstar has achieved a full range of customer satisfaction through its innovation, efficiency, professional service and price advantage. We have established good reputation in China LPM industry over the past 10 years through our persistent efforts, investments, absolutely reliable products and services.