Low Pressure Molding Solutions Provider - Winstar 
Machine P/N Winstar WL-1300S
Plastic tank capacity 5 kgs Injection pressure 0-40 kgf/cm2
Maximum injection weight 450 g/min Plastic pump rotation number 0~50 r/min
Nozzle stroke 40 mm Nozzle top edge 36 kgf
Nozzle with angle 50° Plastic injection mode 水平注胶
Nozzle center height 70±20 mm From the center of the die to the nozzle 82 mm
Clamping mode 气缸 Clamping tangible 1 tf
Clamping stroke 150 mm Maximum space 260 mm
Minimum mold thickness 115 mm Maximum Die Size 260x200 mm
Top output 88 kgf Ejection stroke 40 mm
Sliding system(2S)
Sliding stroke / mm Number of stations 1 sets
Electrical and other
Input voltage 220V 50HZ V Power 5 kw
Input pressure 0.4-0.8 Mpa Gas Consumption 0.02 m3/min
Control System PLC+HIM User interface 7寸全彩触摸
Temperature partition 3 Temperature range 0-250 ℃
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃ ℃    
Mechanical Dimensions 1200x850x1560 mm Weight 0.35 t
Packing size 1400x1050x1860 mm Packing weight 0.36 t