Low Pressure Molding Solutions Provider - Winstar 
Machine P/N Winstar WL-2100D
Plastic tank capacity 10 kgs Injection pressure 0-40 kgf/cm2
Maximum injection weight 450 g/min Plastic pump rotation number 0~50 r/min
Nozzle stroke 50 mm Nozzle top edge 88 kgf
Nozzle with angle 50° Plastic injection mode 垂直注胶
Nozzle center height / mm From the center of the die to the nozzle 0 mm
Clamping mode 气缸/增压缸(可选) Clamping tangible 1-5(可选) tf
Clamping stroke 150 mm Maximum space 260 mm
Minimum mold thickness 115 mm Maximum Die Size 260x200 mm
Top output 88 kgf Ejection stroke 40 mm
Sliding system(2S)
Sliding stroke 450 mm Number of stations 2 sets
Electrical and other
Input voltage 220V 50HZ V Power 5 kw
Input pressure 0.4-0.8 Mpa Gas Consumption 0.02 m3/min
Control System PLC+HIM User interface 7寸全彩触摸
Temperature partition 4 Temperature range 0-250 ℃
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃ ℃    
Mechanical Dimensions 1330x950x2000 mm Weight 0.6 t
Packing size 1500x1150x2300 mm Packing weight 0.62 t